Permanent installation by Zuzanna Czebatul at Rupert

On the 28th March, we invite you to the opening of Zuzanna Czebatul’s new installation Untitled (Beach Towel, 2018), to be permanently installed in Pakrantė’s grounds.  The work, based on an abandoned beach towel, continues Czebatul’s exploration of how we relate to our environment through objects, architecture and ways of interacting with and inhabiting space.

Zuzanna Czebatul: Of course it is a human right of the construction workers, to have the radio playing at the building lot, it has to play, always, also very loud, the good-moodiness of the screaming radio host has to pimp the spirits, it allows them to feel the burden of work less forced, because the mind is permitted, as usually, like in the car, at the beach, at home anyways, to be at some other place than the body, which is only following a dictate, which is there where it is, in order to recognise as little as possible of it, of the surrounding, the noise of this surrounding, and certainly the thoughts, which could derive from this environment pressing on the intellect, if there wasn’t that dominance of the entertainment industry’s shouting program, which has successfully and completely colonised all consciousness, so much, that their prison appears as an empire of remaining freedom and individuality, as a permanent outer space, where the mind is able to strive away from the body in loose and non-prescribed ways and thus free and on its own, nirvana-like dissolved, until disappearance, if it chooses to do so. This form of vanishing is experienced as happiness. Today the concrete ground of the 7th floor has to be poured.