Požemis & Muk

Eglė Naujokaitytė – Muk is a singer, DJ and active ousiders’ music and culture promoter. Muk plays with just barely reminiscing of other world and tastefully nostalgic sounds and is the best known as a lead singer and beatmaker of legendary Lithuanian avant-pop band “Verslo Rizikos Rezervas”. Tomas Poškus is collector of vinyls, DJ and video artist. He has been working in Lithuania and United Kingdom, now Tomas is based in Berlin. He took part in popularizing at that time early hiphop subculture in Lithuania. Tomas is also co-founder of datableder.net and ex-member of AteAte collective. Požemis has cooperated with lithuanian contemporary artists in the exhibition “Underground”, Kim? contemporary art center (Riga, 2013) and participated in demontation of Vitas Luckus exhibition event at Nation Art Gallery, Vilnius.

During the previously mentioned event Požemis started his own project: restoring and filing his vinyl vinyl colection in order to present it to a local public space. Rupert was chosen as the most suitable receiver and after that cooperation with other residents and using of the collection had started. Later Požemis developed this project together with Muk.