Ren Loren Britton & Goda Klumbytė

Ren Loren Britton is a trans*disciplinary artist and researcher tuning with practices of critical pedagogy, trans*feministtechnoscience and disability justice. Playing with the queer potential of undoing norms they practice joyful accountability to matters of collaboration, disability access, Black feminisms, instability and trans*politics. They love slugs, slowness, reading, repetition, examining non-linearity and experimenting towards greater accessibility.

Goda Klumbytė is an interdisciplinary scholar working between informatics and humanities & social sciences. Her research engages feminist new materialism, posthumanism, human-computer interaction and algorithmic systems design. She co-edited More Posthuman Glossary with R. Braidotti and E. Jones (Bloomsbury, 2022), and published work in journals ASAP, Digital Creativity, Precog and others.

Together Goda and Ren have collaborated in academic, creative and speculative writing projects, such as performing material experiments with cyberfeminist practices for computing, writing about slime mould, critique of technocapitalism, and performing algorithms otherwise.