Rowena Harris (virtual residency)

Rowena Harris (United Kingdom) is an artist and art researcher focused on what is at stake for bodymind difference within the everyday technological regime. She is completing her CHASE funded PhD at Goldsmith’s College Art Department, London, and her thesis takes the form of writing, moving image and sculptural installation. At Rupert she will be researching Sensory Overload as a condition common to a certain neuroatypical positions including ADD/ADHD, CFS/ME, Autism and Synaethesia (as a non-exhaustive list). She will be researching how algorithmic advancements together with the datafication of life, may have formed a structure impacting or oppressing those that suffer Sensory Overload. She will be developing discursive forms as talks and workshops, and this research into a new film work.

Film still photo credit:

Still from ‘The Room within which the Computer can Control the Existence of Matter, 2017’ 
Cinematography: Orestis Lambrou
Actress: Emma Hunt