w/ Ella Jo Skinner

RupertAEP; @Radio Vilnius first guest – Ella Jo Skinner.

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Ella is an audio-visual artist from Cardiff, Wales. She is interested in latex, British Grime, Catholic imagery, Julia Fox, harsh noise, Nietzche, eyeliner, and MMA fighting, her favourite song is ‘Maggot Brain’ by Funkadelic and she is a scorpio. 🦂

During her time in Vilnius, Ella is working on a large installation and collaboration with a musician which will reimagine the interior of a Catholic Church as a site of biblical suffering for disembodied hot girls with brain rot. She finds interest in the correlation between a loss of grand narratives in today’s society and the public tendency to turn to conspiracy, the relationship between the visible and hidden through technology and the site of churches, and young women’s obsession with the aestheticization of their own suffering.

On Radio Vilnius Ella played The Confession Box, a harsh noise collaboration which begins this whole project. With musicians Chermansog, Adrian Steele (Annexia), Kaprow (@kprw.011) and Thomas Sullivan, Ella recorded herself confessing and repenting her sins to priests in Catholic churches across Manchester (UK). Using confession as a ‘therapy’ session, she explores Freud’s adoption of the confessional model within the contemporary therapeutic model, finding mental instability translated into sinful behaviour (wrath, lust, sloth). The Confession Box was initially performed at Islington Mill, Salford. The artists work to create a terrifying soundscape through a live distortion of these audio recordings, merging classical musical scores, drones, flutes, screams and poetry to reach catharsis after a journey of despair.