Sara Sassanelli

Sara Sassanelli, the Curator of Live at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London and associate of CONDITIONS, is at the forefront of experimental dance and music programming. With a keen eye for emerging artists, they delve into the collective and hedonistic cultures surrounding raving, exploring how this manifests in multi-disciplinary practices. Currently steering the ship for the six-month program ‘this dark gleam’ (ICA 2024), Sassanelli is researching artists merging formal technique with social dance, pop-culture, and punk sensibilities. Their 2025 ICA program will boldly focus on the mouth and voicing as realms for the restoration of intimacy. Notable recent programming highlights include GONER by Malik Nashad Sharpe (2024), Afterlife by Louis Schou Hansen (2024), and IMPACT DRIVER by Eve Stainton (2023). Sassanelli’s dynamic career includes stints at Tate, Goldsmiths, and the Royal Academy of Arts, along with programming events at prominent venues like Somerset House Studios, Southwark Platform, and Fierce Festival, showcasing their expertise in shaping groundbreaking cultural experiences.