Søren Rosenbak

Søren Rosenbak is a design researcher currently pursuing a PhD in design as critical practice at Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden. His research explores how pataphysics can infuse and advance a critical design practice.

During his residency at Rupert in spring 2014, he had difficulties printing. In fact, he had such great difficulties, that he wasn’t able to print a single b/w A4 until one of the very last days before returning back home. After much hassle and assistance from local staff, a single A4 reluctantly came out of the printer. It was a job report, essentially telling him that he wasn’t able to print. A careful analysis on the aesthetics of absence and voids followed. Only later he realised that ‘Workcentre 7120 Job Report’ in fact was a pataphysical design solution to the problem of impossible printing.