Taat workshop-performance “Space as encounter” invitation to take part

TAAT – a Dutch-Belgian art collective, led by Gert-Jan Stam and Breg Horemans, is inviting to a two-day (March 10-11, 2020) workshop.

The workshop will explore and apply the interdisciplinary approaches used by TAAT to question the performative potential of space, developing installations that can be read as ‘spatial scripts’ in which ‘choreographed’ encounters can take place.

On day one (March 10, Tuesday), the will focus on the presentation of the Live Archive (printed archive that opens up knowledge from the past and generates new content on the here and now) of the projects HALL01-07. Together with a group of students Gert-Jan and Breg will co-create and ‘re-perform’ some of the projects in the workshop space. The aim is to create a higher awareness of space as a facilitator for encounter.
On day two (March 11, Wednesday) is planned a field trip in nature in order to create a HALL10-prototype/walk.
Participants are expected for an all day engagement for two days.

The workshop will take place at Pakrantė (Vaidilutės g. 79, Vilnius).

This workshop is organized in collaboration with a Faculty of Architecture of Vilnius TU, Rupert, Architektūros Fondas and Sansusi Festival.

Since 2014 TAAT works on the cutting edge between theatre, architecture, participatory art and education. Their long-term research project HALL33 is investigating how space can facilitate encounters between strangers.

If you want to take part in the workshop, please send an email to egle.Bazaraite@vgtu.lt. A number of people that can take part in this workshop is limited. Deadline for registration is the 6th of March.

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