Virtual residency: Karolina Rybačiauskaitė

an Art Critic and a PhD student of Philosophy at Vilnius University, also graduated in History and Theory of Art at Vilnius Academy of Arts, now living between Vilnius and Prague. She studies the principle of indeterminacy and the politics of knowledge-making in the feminist new materialist philosophy. Her research interests also include the alternative ways of telling histories of modern and contemporary art in post-socialist European countries. During the residency at Rupert Karolina will develop more practical part of her current research on ethical and ecopolitical projects of accountability in the philosophies by Karen Barad and Isabelle Stengers. By analyzing the possibilities of creative accountability within artistic practices and art institutions, together with Rupert’s team she will discuss how ‘matter matters’ within their own practice, what complex relational patterns it creates and what kind of care it asks for.