Vsevold Kovalevskij


Vsevolod Kovalevskij (b. 1988 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Lives and works between Vilnius ant Tromsø). Vsevolod’s practice is based on critical thought, his works are driven by research and in that he creates tools to better question conditions of ones surrouding. This results in process-based installations that establish a relationship between the  active spectator, the artist and members of the  broader community. The artist attended the Rupert Educational Program in Vilnius, LT (2014), holds a BFA and MFA from the Vilnius Academy of Arts (2015) and is a MFA candidate in Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Arts (2018). Recent exhibitions include The Long Shadow, Beata’s Black Box (Tromsø, NO – 2016); Dimensional Verge, National Art Gallery (Vilnius, LT – 2015); Story of Untold, The Bookstore Foundation (Amsterdam, NL – 2015);