w/ Églantine Laprie-Sentenac

Found or stolen objects, birdhouses, Jim Jarmusch, pigeons, fish song and comfortable zones – lots to explore in this talk with Églantine. Listen back here.


Working with diverse mediums and techniques, Églantine Laprie-Sentenac (1997, France) work draws on the forms and spatial conditions that define the ways of inhabiting and seeing. These environments call for the visual and sensitive experience of dwelling in European cities. Those surveyed places are vantage points for flows and contradictory common forces that animate changing architectures. They evoke the affective dimension of the encounters that stimulate her practice and shape her view of cities.

Exploring themes such as carriers of goods, products of consumerism, traces of movement and traversed territories, Églantine elaborates on a trajectory between intimate and shared environments. She builds sculptures that engage a psychology of space and object by using selected discarded materials and pointing out material margins. Sometimes, using humour, her installations question the power conferred on spaces (such as streets) and slide on the meanings to be given to objects.