w/ Steph Joyce

Join Steph + Tautvydas for a conversation @Radio Vilnius on a hope-centered artistic practice, bird songs, electro-pop, poetry, ambient electronica and slippery feelings.

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Steph is a transdisciplinary artist and poetic practitioner, gathering moss and sewing soft places for landing. For the next few months with Rupert’s Alternative Education Programme, they’ll be playing, moving, and attending to the basics while tracing embodiments of desire, hope and grief in relation to eels and conviviality.
(1) Steph moving / dancing in shared studio Kombinat.e.V in an industrial building late at night in Leipzig.
(2) A work in progress consisting of a steel 1 m x 2 m frame and knit cotton yarn by a window in above studio.
(3) From a recent exhibition, four-leafed clover, rooted, in a hand blown borosilicate glass.
(4) From a recent exhibition, four cushions in the shape of a hoof, stacked on top of one another in decreasing size.
(5) From an exhibition with Catwings, a very green light glows as Theresa Zwerschke leans against the door.
(6) Underwater still from a film from an exhibition on a boat on a river.
(7) An older computer screen resting on a gray cushion with lug worm patterns from the exhibition on a boat on a river.
(8) Vegetables and fruits anthropomorphized on a plate, flash used, from an exhibition in a community garden.
(9) Picnic blanket from an exhibition in a community garden.