Workshop with Sean Roy Parker – Processing Abundance: wild food and ferments

This upcoming Wednesday, 26 August, join current Rupert resident, Sean-Roy Parker for the two-part workshop exploring the biodiversity of the Neris river bank and building a healthy microbiome in your gut. 

  • 18.00 Wild Food Walk 

Take a quick tour through the meadow and by the stream, identify some local edibles, tasting classic scavenger snacks and discuss the need to become more aware of our surroundings.

  • 19.00 Fermentation Tutorial

Learn the basic science behind this traditional preservation technique and its cultural history, then get guided through a sauerkraut using our wild findings. Bring a jar

Sean-Roy Parker is an eco-anxious artist, environmentalist and community cook. He makes work about the lifecycle of materials, problem-solving through collaboration and creating alternative currency frameworks that redistribute skills, abundance and care.

The workshop is free of charge. Please register at

Rupert’s programmes are supported by the Lithuanian Culture Council

Photo: Sean Roy Parker