Zoë & Michelangelo

The Cosmopolitan Shepherd is an agency for the subversion of lifestyle into life standards, tweaking contemporary knowledge towards a crypto-pastoral subculture. It was started in Athens in 2015 by artist Zoë Paul (UK) and curator and writer Michelangelo Corsaro (IT), who both live and work there.

The Cosmopolitan Shepherd is about possible ways of living generated by the encounter between diverse habits and deviation from cultural norms. The time spent at Rupert took them out of their habitat to comprehend and interiorise that of somewhere else. An erratic research on variances in climate, architecture, food, time management and social interactions is at the basis of their effort for self-determination of life-standards, a kind of heresy to the global consensus on lifestyle. The research that The Cosmopolitan Shepherd conducted at Rupert is the continuation of an inquiry on a form of luxury that emerges from the margins of modernity. In other words, what is the significance of forms of life that are marginalised by contemporary metropolitan geographies? How can they find their way back into the LED-lit pavements of our streets? What are the aesthetics that define the taste of a cosmopolitan shepherd?