Agency Agency

Agency Agency is a strategy and design consultancy, based in Amsterdam. Founded in 2015 by Roel van Herpt and Victoria Meniakina, it assists cultural institutes, artists, brands, design studios and urban projects in establishing their vision and achieving sustainable growth. Agency Agency provides strategic planning, concept development, positioning and branding, communication strategy, creative direction, digital transformation, organisational strategy and business development. Additionally, Roel and Victoria lead Reality Check—a professional development program at the architecture and design departments of Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam) and KABK Royal Academy of Art (The Hague). They also lead workshops at international art academies and residencies.


Victoria Meniakina (LT) is a creative strategist, providing strategic, design and communication advice as well as creative direction for architecture, design, fashion, culture and technology companies worldwide. With her background in architecture and design, as well as an MBA in Brand Management, Victoria helps brands and creatives grow, innovate, embrace change and communicate authentically and beautifully.

Roel van Herpt (NL) is a strategy advisor with expertise in positioning, communication, organisation, business development and digital transformation. With a combined background in strategic management, business and creative development, he guides leaders and emerging talents in their professional growth across the fields of art, design, higher education and urbanism.