Online talk: Disability Arts, Critical Inclusions

Rupert invites all to Eliza Chandler’s online talk and workshop on 13 November 19:00 (EET). Online registration is mandatory, sign up here. Registered participants will receive preparatory material and a Zoom link.

Eliza Chandler will give an interactive talk and workshop based on her independent curatorial practice in disability arts. Working through various examples of disability arts and ‘crip cultural practices’ (practices of creating, programming, and experiencing art and culture born out of disability communities), she will animate different frameworks through which to engage access praxes, including Open Access (Papalia, 2019), critical access (Hamraie, 2017), access is love (Mingus, 2019), decolonial approaches to access (Jimmy, 2020) and taking up access as a ‘scyborg’ in the institution (La Paperston, 2017). 

Throughout, and in conversation with participants, this discussion will think through how practicing and curating disability arts can be taken up as a political project through which we can rework the institution and move towards collective, intersectional and world-making projects for institutional and cultural transformation. 

Bio: Eliza Chandler is an Assistant Professor in the School of Disability Studies at Ryerson University. Chandler’s research brings together disability arts, disability studies, and activism, including her co-directorship of Bodies in Translation: Activist Art, Technology, and Access to Life and is a practicing curator.