Elžbieta Jašinskaitė

Elžbieta Jašinskaitė (b. 1992, LT) has an MA in Philosophy at the KU Leuven University, Belgium and is currently based in Vilnius. Currently she is working in a private political analysis institute, conducting social research. During her philosophy studies, Elžbieta has been interested in the tradition of phenomenology, aesthetics, the problem of perception and culture philosophy. At the moment, she is focused on researching effects of political tools on different social groups, while observing their surrounding institutional culture. Elžbieta is looking for new ways to understand our socio-cultural reality and individual experiences within the current cultural landscape, considering the ways in which such experiences both constitute and are in conflict with such a landscape. The concept of the project she is developing during the programme stems from her experience in working with governmental organisations. The project, At your service, is an artistic research centering around the figures of governmental institutions employees. Short fiction texts will present a ‘case study’ of each employee emphasising the paradoxes between the institution which they represent and their own personality. The texts will look into how the individual affects institutional surroundings and how this setting influences the engaged individual. This relationship in the context of the project is understood as a tension between the objective, ‘representative’ face of the institution and the subjective experience, although it is not limited to animosity between opposites.