Howard Melnyczuk

Howard Melnyczuk (United Kingdom) is an artist investigating technology as a site in which sociopolitical structures are built and maintained. Building on a background in photography and film-making, his practice incorporates multimedia with computation, machine learning, and software-as-art. His work looks at alternative forms of knowledge and understanding that expose hidden operations of power and control. He studied Computational Art at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2016-17, he has since exhibited at Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan, 2019), De Appel (The Netherlands, 2019), The Victoria & Albert Museum (UK, 2018) and New Wave Festival (Melbourne 2018 – in collaboration with Alex Tate & Olivia Tartaglia).

Image credits: Howard Melnyczuk, Object Permanence, installation featuring projections of archival images taken from the V&A museum database. The images are all of items taken during violent conflicts in British colonial history.