Take part in Longform sound project!

James St Findlay’s ‘Vocal Harvest’

My name is James St Findlay, I am a Scottish film and sound artist currently resident at Rupert. I am looking for participants to take part in a Longform project I am currently at the beginning of for which the working title is “Harvest”.

“Harvest”, In summation, is a virtual choir project born out of the impossibility of en-mass singing in this current climate. It will take the form of a bank of audience submitted vocal samples that can be played with, rearranged, and manipulated by myself into various different compositions. I am interested too in the notion of the “trained” and “untrained” voice, and encourage anyone to submit regardless of perceived singing ability. The joy and excitement of the project lies in its unpredictability, both of the eventual product(s) and the voices I shall be working with.

Everyone and anyone is invited to participate!

Each participant will be required to record six short vocal samples harmonising as best they can with six different chords, over time a bank of voices will be formed from which a Choral work(s) can be composed. 

Though we cannot be together right now, our voices can:

If you are interested please send an email to: rupertvocalharvest@gmail.com for more information on how to participate