23 April, 2016, 5 pm

Marina Vishmidt: “Feeling Things: Or, What Would Be Some Contemporary Pathos-Forms?”

Join us next Wednesday, March 23, at 5 pm, at Malūnų st. 3 (Vilnius Academy of Arts – C1, ground floor 102 auditorium in PhD department) for a talk by Marina Vishmidt on contemporary pathos-forms (!) and feeling things.

In her talk, Marina Vishmidt will attempt to weave something like a symptomatology of contemporary theory, both as it is formulated in the academy and as it is diffused in the informal outlets of theory culture, among which the artworld must increasingly be counted. The talk will depart from observing a broad division between tendencies which group themselves under the banner of ‘affect’ and ones that embrace instead a newfound idea of ‘rationalism’.

Marina Vishmidt is a London-based writer and editor occupied mainly with questions around art, labour and value. She is the author of Speculation as a Mode of Production (Brill, forthcoming) and A -Autonomy (with Kerstin Stakemeier) (Textem and Mute, forthcoming). She also works regularly with Anthony Iles and with Melanie Gilligan. She contributes to journals such as Mute, Afterall,Texte zur Kunst, and the South Atlantic Quarterly, as well as co-/edited collections and catalogues, most recently Anguish Language (Archive Books, 2015). She is part of the Theory faculty at the Dutch Art Institute, lectures in the history and criticism of artists’ moving image at the University of Brighton, and has taught at the University of the Arts in Berlin, Sandberg Institute, Central Saint Martins, and Goldsmiths.

This talk marks the fourth in a series of talks organised by Rupert in collaboration with The Academy of Fine Art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Norway) and The Living Art Museum (Iceland) in connection to the exhibition ‘Double Bind’ currently on view at The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, IC.

The talk corresponds to an homonymous text contribution by Marina Vishmidt to the “Double Bind” anthology to be published later next month, featuring essays by Nina Power, Florian Cramer, Travis Jeppesen and Joshua Simon, edited by Maya Tounta.

The project “Interdisciplinary Art Project “Politics of Emotion: Art in the Expanded Sphere”“ is a collaboration between Rupert (Lithuania), The Living Art Museum (Iceland) and Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Norway). It is produced under the Programme LT07, the EEA Financial Mechanism and Lithuanian Republic.

Special thanks to Vilnius Academy of Arts