NKO (b. 1992) is an interdisciplinary autist and maker. They research the political terrain of the interwebs and try weaving often obfuscated information into relatable threads by making videos, memes and storytelling.

[nko@Rupert] mkdir -p compactlacing:aninterwovenet{surveillance{telepresence, simulations, proxywars, sustainabledevelopmentgoals, gametheory, codifed language protocols} methods{playing, listening, learning, experimenting}}

The precedence of online politics: investor backed botnets flood social media. (This is being mined, archived, and scraped.) More conventional forms of protest follow a premeditated dance and for that reason, cannot logistically “win” against highly sophisticated gan modeling and covert surveillance protocols. When the street becomes a deeply embedded information platform and rich source about behavior, desire, and loss with only a few having access to that data, how can we intervene?

During the programme NKO will develop the project Compact Lacing: Interwoven Net that aims to facilitate these questions and to empower a deeper investigation into our rapidly changing realities. It is a warning, an intervention, and a social experiment in knowledge sharing about a seemingly abstract technical world.