Olivia Erlanger

Olivia Erlanger is an artist based in New York. Recent projects include, a. or fifty thousand at 83 Pitt St. NY, Dripping Tap at Mathew, NY and The Oily Actor at What Pipeline, IL. Recent group shows include, Eric Schmid is an Idiot, Cave, IL, Other People’s Things, Brown University, RI, Daydream from 2013, CANADA, NY. She recently published Hate Suburbia with Luis Ortega Govela, forthcoming second edition with MIT Press. Forthcoming essay, Born Goth co authored with Ortega Govela will be included in Harvard Design Magazine’s Summer 2017 issue. Erlanger is participating in Luma and New Museum’s, IdeasCity 2017 in Arles, France.

At Rupert she worked on prototypes of works for her show The Oily Actor at What Pipeline, Detroit. The artist spent her time creating and experimenting with new materials and compositions for the “Raft” sculptures shown there. Olivia didn’t take photos as each day she destroyed what she had been working on to challenge herself to make a new piece a day.