Rupert & Autarkia invites to the summer edition of ‘Articulations’

Date: 14 June 19:00

Location: Medūza (Šv. Jono st. 11, Vilnius)

Participants: Pam Virada, Graeme Arnfield, Ngoc Nau, Mako Ishizuka (former resident)

Event will be held in English

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Rupert, a centre for art, residencies and education, together with Autarkia, an artist day care centre, invites you to continue diving into conversations about art at the second event of the ‘Articulations’ series. This cycle of seasonal public events provide opportunities to informally meet Rupert’s artists-in-residence and discover their work.

The summer edition of ‘Articulations’ will combine audiovisual stories from Rupert’s current and alumni resident artists about their practices and conversations, followed by an encircling music selection by Matilda. Medūza—the Lithuanian Artists’ Union’s contemporary art and culture space—guest hosts ‘Articulations’ this time.

This event features filmmaker Graeme Arnfield (UK), video installation and media artist Ngoc Nau (VN), installation artist Pam Virada (NL) and Rupert’s alumni artist Mako Ishizuka (SE/JP).

Graeme Arnfield uses networked imagery and investigative storytelling to create sensory essay films on the organisation of technology, ecology and history; the shapes they take; and the feelings they induce. Graeme will present his ongoing research into labour struggles in outer space and the tactics of resistance practised by those working in zero-gravity.

Ngoc Nau explores the impact of technology on society, spirituality, and the working class, provoking critical analysis of progress’ abundant and severe repercussions. She will discuss the work Ritual Object 1, sharing how the ‘smart technology urban town’ project transformed her home city in northern Vietnam, colliding traditional values with modern demands.

Pam Virada navigates ghostly forces and intimate stories in domestic spheres; whispers of intimate turmoils become objects, text, and expanded cinema, generating alternative realities. For this event, Virada will examine the role of ‘ghost tours’, considering them as vernacular tools linking contemporary urbanity to the terrifying histories of both the city and nation-state.

In taking the role of ‘stranger’, artist Mako Ishizuka asks questions and disrupts the concept of perceived distance—physical and psychological—through forms of collaboration, embodying knowledge generated by sustained social inquiry with locals. Mako will highlight her recent practice and research in Lithuania, reviewing the work Graphic Movements.

The evening will include an introduction to the 2023 Alternative Education Programme by Tautvydas Urbelis, a question-and-answer session follows each presentation moderated by JL Murtaugh, and concludes with music by Matilda.

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The Articulations series is a joint initiative of Rupert and Autarkia, coordinated by Viktorija Šiaulytė (Rupert), Rugilė Miliukaitė (Rupert), and JL Murtaugh (Autarkia).

Graphic design: Jonė Miškinytė

Rupert is financed by the Lithuanian Council of Culture. Sponsored by: Vilnius City Municipality, Nordic Culture Point, Tech Zity.

Special thanks to: Audrius Pocius and Eglė Agnė Benkunskytė (Medūza).