Vaida Stepanovaitė

Vaida Stepanovaitė is a powerhouse in the fields of organization, research, curation, and writing. As a PhD Candidate in the Advanced Practices program and an Associate Lecturer in the department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London, Vaida’s academic pursuits focus on the desire to forge collectives under challenging conditions and navigate evolving forms of togetherness. Collaborating with Prof. Irit Rogoff, her practice-based research titled ‘On a Shaky Tightrope: Collective Subjects, Communal Selves’ is actively disseminated at esteemed institutions like the Royal Danish Academy of Art, University of Copenhagen, and Goldsmiths College. Recently presenting at the AICA Congress ‘Contested Infrastructures,’ Vaida is set to publish a book chapter based on her research in the upcoming year. With over a decade of active involvement in self-organized fields, she played a pivotal role in establishing the Art Workers’ Trade Union in Lithuania, advocating for art workers’ rights and fostering dehierarchised solidarity within the visual art community. Formerly the Head of organization, Vaida continues her multifaceted contributions, including co-facilitating a chapter of the Choreographic Devices event in Vilnius on August 3, 2024.