Alternative education programme | Things that we were thinking with

We have chosen a sentence to title the final event of the 8th edition of Rupert’s alternative education programme: Things that we were thinking with. There are multiple contexts and references possible with a sentence like this; which things and who are the ‘we’? The thirteen selected artists, curators, thinkers, researchers and hackers have, over the past five months, thought together and with various things, considering how things are material objects, webs and flows that we play, dream and imagine with. Like us, things are always here and coming into being. The things we were thinking with presents a glimpse of an enchanting voyeur into the worlds that are becoming. The event simultaneously gives access to the process of programme and is a part of an alternative education.

The current situation insists on keeping things digital, so we comply and offer rectangular views of vibrant worlds.


The event will start on  26 November, 18:00 EET and will be available for viewing until 22 December. 

Participants: Aistė Ambrazevičiūtė, Contaminated Nails, Artūras Čertovas, Céline Mathieu, Dalia Maini, Gouda Šulskytė, Jo Kalinowska & Georgie Sinclair (plot twist), Jurgis Bernatonis, NKO, Sholto Dobie, Vilius Vaitiekūnas

Curator: Tautvydas Urbelis

Coordinator: Gabrielė Marija Vasiliauskaitė

Design: Taktika Studio

Programming: Andrius Zupkus

Interns: Saulė Savanevičiūtė, Radvilė Mauricaitė, Ramunė Balčiūnaitė

Rupert’s activities are supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Programme’s partners: Vilniaus miesto savivaldybė, Pakrantė, Gluk Media, Kintai Arts, Žeimiai Manor / Aikas Žado Laboratory 

Special thanks to: Rupert’s team, Rupert’s board, Alumni board, Nida Art Colony, Kaunas Artist House, Galerija 101, SODAS 2123, Atletika, Autarkia, Techanariumas and amazing tutors of the programme.