Purchase Rupert’s Five-year-anniversary Publication Online

We are pleased to announce the sale of Rupert’s five-year-anniversary publication.  Any proceeds from sales go toward Rupert’s Residencies, Public and Alternative Education programmes. Featuring contributions from several past residents, speakers, guests and participants of… More

Santiago Taccetti

Santiago Taccetti, A House is not a Home single channel video 3’23’’ http://taccetti.com/a_house_is_not_a_home.mp4

Kaspars Groševs

Kaspars Groševs, Dopesmoker’s Fight Against Its Own Hand Featuring Labais Dāma, Edgars Eihmanis, Oskars Tu, Uģis Jansons, Ohmtek, Kristaps Puķītis, Multilux, Lehitkarnef, Dubna, Lee Chapman, Aleksandr Aleksandrov, Reinis Naļivaiko, Andrejs Jastrebinskis, Gatis Ziema


Rupert’s five-year-anniversary publication has three components: a physical publication, limited edition works and an online section.  The online section is a supplement to the physical publication, and includes sound works, films, texts and GIFs…. More

Jacob Dwyer

Santiago’s Shoulder This is a photo of myself (right) and fellow resident Santiago Taccetti. It was taken in February 2018 outside a hospital in Vilnius. Earlier that evening we watched the ‘Lietuvos Rytas’ play… More