Joseph Pomp

Vyt Bakaitis

Stars in a Black Cup   This time out our author, a more or less believable character straight from life, while engaged on his big secret work, now expected to run to sheer volume,… More


In the summer of 2019, Rupert organised the exhibition and public and education programmes, Jonas Mekas: let me dream utopias. The exhibition developed out of a conversation with Jonas Mekas in early 2018 who… More

Brenda Iijima and Stephanie Gray

Poet and choreographer Brenda Iijima collaborated with filmmaker and poet Stephanie Grey to create a short film called Elegy and Elation, a homage to Jonas Mekas, that traces the broad valences of language and vision. Shot in Prospect… More

Anastasia Sosunova

“After successfully solving problems in a wide variety of fields, NN simply had to resolve the ultimate conundrum of the meaning of life. So he did.” Excerpt from the anonymous letter. One talk show host… More