Talking about disability and solidarity: David Ruebain and Rahila Gupta

As part of Rupert’s public programme on care and interdependence, we are pleased to invite all to a public discussion with internationally renowned disability rights activist, lawyer and current Chief Executive for the UK… More


Rupert is pleased to invite you to the public lecture ‘Of Honor, Dignity and the Renaissance Grand Duchy of Lithuania’ by historian and researcher Povilas Dikavičius on the 17th December, Tuesday from 6:30 pm… More

Mike Sperlinger: The Opposite of Experience

“It is necessary to establish… that the nature or power of each thing is nothing but the will of God; that all natural causes are not true causes but only occasional causes.” – Nicholas Malebranche… More

Rasmus Myrup: Bulls and Bodies

Investigation Bureau (Sculpture Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts) and Rupert invites you to a talk by Rasmus Myrup. The event will take place on the 26th of November, 5 pm, at Malūnų str…. More

Ieškome kuratoriaus asistento(-ės)

Tarpdisciplininis edukacijos, rezidencijų ir parodų centras „Rupert“ ieško asistento(-ės) Lietuvos paviljono 17-oje Venecijos architektūros bienalėje kuratoriui. 2020-aisiais šalis prisistatys su Julijono Urbono projektu „Planeta iš žmonių“ (angl. A Planet of People). „Planeta iš žmonių“… More