The third ‘Articulations’ event closed the summer season

On 30 August, Rupert and Autarkia invited to welcome the new season during the third event of the Articulations cycle as well as to continue conversations about art with Rupert’s resident artists.

In the bright space of Medūza, audio-visual stories were steeped in the intimate experiences of their creators. The third event of Articulations was about rethinking, the continuation of artistic works and the artists’ progress after coming to Vilnius.


Curator AMY WATSON (ZA):

As an independent curator, Amy outlined her recently curated projects, including the ongoing cross-disciplinary research project The Orange River Project (2022–), the research about the whale’s tympanic bone as an orienting talisman traces the oceanic histories of whaling and the colonial project, exploring how these histories are produced in more-than-human relations.

Artist marc norbert hörler (DE/CH):

marc’s practice encompasses poetry, song, fragrance, writing, performance, curating and publishing. An artist introduced hecatean lines, a composition of new works that interact with alpine folkloristic forms and aesthetics from a queer perspective, based on a continuous research on witchcraft in Appenzell.

Artist-filmmakers Monika Uchiyama and Fred Schmidt-Arenales (US/JP):

As a filmmakers duo are working on their first collaboration. At the event they present a rough cut of their in-progress feature-length film Counting Seventeen. The film focuses on the 2021 periodic cicada emergence in the eastern United States. In the film, cicadas function as metaphors for the unconscious, an imagined construction of new human social structures, the fear of ego death and much more.

Images by Andrej Vasilenko
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ARTICULATIONS is the joint initiative of Rupert, a centre for art, residencies and education, and Autarkia, an artist daycare centre. This cycle of seasonal public events provides opportunities to informally meet Rupert’s artists-in-residence and discover their work.

Coordinators of the third event: Rugilė Miliukaitė and Povilas Gumbis (Rupert)
Communication: Karolina Augevičiūtė
Graphic design: Jonė Miškinytė
Editors: Dovydas Laurinaitis (EN), Evelina Zenkutė (LT)
Sound: Antanas Dombrovskij
Rupert is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and sponsored by Vilnius City MunicipalityNordic Culture PointTech Zity
Special thanks to Audrius Pocius and Eglė Agnė Benkunskytė (Medūza)