Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė

Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė – artist and writer, currently living and working in Vilnius, Lithuania. She studied Photography and media arts at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Aistė Marija is currently writing texts and exhibition reviews for contemporary art dailies online, such as and Last year, she had a solo show called Ears lick lips, was one of the selected artists in the exhibition JCDecaux Prize” 2020: The Words I Have at the Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius. This year, she participated in the group exhibition Whirlpools in the exhibition space Titanikas and attended the short Rupert residency in February, 2021. Aistė Marija is interested in objects that, by changing their form, place and materiality, become more of a way of thinking than static and finite. By migrating in between sculpture and literature, the visual arts and textiles, they seed meanings and form new habits.