Ana Lipps

Ana Lipps (they/them) is a Lithuanian-German artist (b. 1997, Vilnius) based in the Netherlands. Through large-scale installation works combining objects, photographs and interactive elements, they train the viewer’s eye to accept suspended realities and dwell in liminal spaces. Breaking static sculptural conventions that rely on a viewer-object binary, Ana opens up a multiplicity of states to encourage opportunities for change rather than a continuation of the expected.

Ana graduated in 2019 from Brighton University (BA in Fine Arts Sculpture) and earned their Master’s at the Dirty Art Department of the Sandberg Institute in 2022. Their Master’s thesis was written about the significance of liminality in queerness and collapse. The liminal has been pushed to the peripheries of our society, as it has the power to challenge normative social structures, to create a space of contradiction and unknowing. Most recently, they have been part of a month-long residency that was a collaboration between the Dirty Art Department and the Banana Mountain children’s anarchist school. They have also been a resident at the Door Residency in a former bullet factory in Amsterdam.

Image: Anna Lips by Maarten Boswijk