Billy John Bultheel

Billy John Bultheel, a vibrant force straddling Berlin and Brussels, defies musical norms as an experimental composer and performance artist. His creations seamlessly weave contemporary vibes with the rich tapestry of European Medieval and Renaissance polyphonic traditions. Breaking free from the concert hall shackles, Bultheel transforms musicians into dynamic performers, immersing them in site-specific experiences with architecture, sculpture, and bespoke instruments. In 2020, he co-founded the modular band 33, dropping their debut album ’33-69′ in September 2021 under the eclectic London/Berlin-based label C.A.N.V.A.S. This ever-evolving duo, featuring a lineup of diverse talents, has electrified European stages and is cooking up their second studio release. Bultheel’s journey also includes a captivating collaboration with performance artist Anne Imhof since 2012, adding his unique flair to her immersive exhibitions. With a background in composition and performance studies, Bultheel’s art pulsates with life, resonating across genres and breaking down artistic barriers.