Crosslucid is an artist collective engaging in highly collaborative cross-disciplinary projects in co-evolution with technology. Their work and research converges around the exploration of the self as a network, intimacy and the potential for pleasurable actualisation through the digital sphere, and reimagination of our alliances with technology seen as part of a sympoietic biosphere and universal post-material consciousness. Through filmmaking, poetic AI, multi-layered techniques of collage & assemblage, and experience-led interventions, they create scenarios and build experiential formats that instigate prototyping and rehearsing potential futures and progressing metamodern values.

During the one-month residency, their focus will be on fine-tuning and further enriching the training datasets for OsmoticAI, an ongoing project that pursues the development of new healing practices in co-creation with AI, whose aim is to initiate processes of reimagination and mental realignment through collective introspective experiences informed by hypnotherapy. They will devote time to confabulating poetry to create new synthetic datasets while engaging with various interested parties to share outcomes and methods, but also to explore local practices and mythologies.

Images: (above) Sylwana Zybura and Tomas Toth / Crosslucid portrait; (below) Symbol of Neris