Hanni Kamaly

Hanni Kamaly is a research-based artist working with sculpture, video and performance in which she explores subject/object theories and ontology as it relates to borders of existence and boundaries of subjectivity. Her recent and on-going project is focused on dehumanization and representation through the diverse fields of anthropology, pop culture and post-colonialism.

During residency in Rupert Hanni has presented “BEAST MODE: The visual vultures of our time a lecture-performance that investigates the image of the beast and the alien by tracing its origins and the effects of the figure in relation to colonialism and immigration. The vivid and historical images of the beastly character are the subject of examination in questioning of dehumanizing methods in contemporary depictions of people of color. The presentation has incorporated science-fiction and horror films, works of art and psychology and draws upon theories by Frantz Fanon and Julia Kristeva. The connections are presented as a multi-faceted mind-map that draws the lines between the past and the now by interweaving facts with iconic imagery. Hanni has also created sculptural works during the residency. The lecture and sculptures were presented during Open Studio event in Rupert residency.