Marco Strappato

Marco Strappato (1982), lives and works in London. His work is engaged with the pressing and urgent reassessment of a contemporary understanding of image production and image distribution, through a multidisciplinary practice which involves C-types, video, artifacts, and installation. It’s a fact that we are living in a technology-mediated everyday life scenario, his practice as himself is placed in between these two worlds the Virtual and The Actual. He uses the endless flux of visual information – found in the paraphernalia of our consumer culture – as a source of material, subverting, manipulating and representing in order to refresh our act of looking. The point is to question how images and content are constructed, how we relate to the media and how they are affecting our emotional and psychological experience.

During his time at the residency he’ll develop a new series of works, inspired by a fictional place called ‘San Junipero’, a seaside town depicted in one of the episode of ‘Black Mirror’. This location is a virtual realm in which the dying can holiday and the dead can inhabit. It’s a place where to ESCAPE to after death. ‘Heaven Is a Place on Earth’.