Guoda Šulskytė

Guoda Šulskytė (b. 1997) is an interdisciplinary designer, researcher and filmmaker, interested in exploring diverse, imaginative methods of questioning reality. Moving from body, to socio-political, to cosmological her work relates personal and cultural phenomena with scientific practice, and aims to critically probe into information and develop extensive access to material knowledge. Guoda holds a BA in Design from Goldsmiths, University of London and is currently a learner in residence at Make Your Own Masters (UK). Having a strong interest in alternative education, she is also contributing to designing a new undergraduate course located in a national park at the Black Mountains College in Wales, UK. During the programme at Rupert, Guoda plans to challenge the biological and ecological thinking that emphasise on competition rather than cooperation. Through film, narratives and performance her research will look at species interdependence and search for new partnerships that decenter the human and form a more planet-centric future.