Lynton Talbot

​​Lynton Talbot (UK) is the founder of Parrhesiades, a multi-platform project space for artists who work with language — either written, spoken or otherwise performed. Parrhesiades has worked with Johanna Hedva, P. Staff, Anaïs Duplan, Sophia Al Maria and Tai Shani among others. He is also a founding participant in OFFSHORE, an itinerant performance company and pedagogical structure initiated by Cally Spooner in 2017. OFFSHORE has gathered at The Swiss Institute, New York; The M Museum, Leuven; CCA, Singapore; Centre for National Dance, Paris; Serpentine Galleries, London; The Whitechapel, London. In 2019, Lynton co-curated with Hana Noorali The Season of Cartesian Weeping at The Roberts Institute of Art for their annual curator’s series. In 2021 he co-edited, with Hana Noorali, Intertitles: An Anthology At The Intersection of Writing and Visual Art, published by Prototype Press. Currently, The Noon Sirens is ongoing at The Amant Foundation, New York as part of Quinn Latimer’s exhibition SIREN (Some Poetics) and Interpolations II is open at Galerija Prozori, Zagreb.

At Rupert, Lynton will continue to research the way Neo-Liberalism as a political ideology finds expression in our speech. During the residency, he will produce new audio work and text that continues this line of enquiry, focusing on the history, contemporary theory and practice of noise. Interested in the resistant capacity language has to the market capture of our ideas and sociality, Lynton, as a producer, will explore this relationship to experimental sound more closely, asking if noise is to music what poetry is to language or what the glitch is to technology.

Image: Lynton Talbot personal archive