Vilius Vaitiekūnas

Vilius Vaitiekūnas (b. 1996) is an art educator and an artist currently living and working in Vilnius and Aleknaičiai. He holds a BA in Fine arts from Minerva Academy (NL) and finished a pre-master program on Arts and Cognition in the University of Groningen. Currently, he works as a curator of education and community engagement in Contemporary Art center Vilnius and is engaged with Arts Agency “Artscape” that aims to create a social change through artistic activities. During the programme, Vilius plans to explore how through different bodily activities humans manifest their relations towards external to their bodies objects and events, develop an emotional attachment and attach meaning to them. For the aims of research he plans to engage with different ritualic and culturally significant movement practices as well as to carry out a field research aiming on selected subjects’ emotional attachment to personally meaningful objects and events.