Rupert’s New Publications Launched

Rupert is happy to present two new publications published this month as a part of the project “Double Bind”. ‘A Solid Injury to the Knees’ (Rupert, 2016) is an anthology of essays, short stories and… More

Book Launch: ‘A Solid Injury to the Knees’ by Maya Tounta

Rupert invites you to the launch of ‘A Solid Injury to the Knees’, an anthology of essays, short stories and speculations on depression’s percolation into politics, its fraught relationship to productivity and its potential… More

Marina Vishmidt: “Feeling Things: Or, What Would Be Some Contemporary Pathos-Forms?”

Join us next Wednesday, March 23, at 5 pm, at Malūnų st. 3 (Vilnius Academy of Arts – C1, ground floor 102 auditorium in PhD department) for a talk by Marina Vishmidt on contemporary… More

“Double Bind” opens in Reykjavik on 5 March

The Living Art Museum (Reykjavik, Iceland) together with The Academy of Fine Art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Rupert (Vilnius, Lithuania) present Double Bind, a travelling exhibition of new commissions. Double Bind… More

Reading Room Sessions: “The Future isn’t Working”

Dear all, join us for a reading group session at Rupert’s Reading Room this coming Monday Feb 8 at 5pm. We will discuss two chapters from Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams’ Inventing the Future:… More

“Double Bind” opens in Oslo on 21 January

The Academy of Fine Art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts together with Rupert (Vilnius, Lithuania) and The Living Art Museum (Reykjavik, Iceland) present Double Bind, a travelling exhibition of new commissions. Double… More

Open Call for the 4th edition of Rupert’s Alternative Education program

Our Alternative Education Program aims to combine self-directed education, interdisciplinary exchange and professional development. It is a resource aimed at creating opportunities for exchange between thinkers and producers based in different parts of the… More

“Double Bind” opening in Visaginas

“Double Bind”, 17 December, 2015 — 2 January, 2016 Opening: Thursday 17 December, 5pm, Visaginas Culture Centre, Vilties str. 1 Opening times: Monday — Saturday, 12am – 6pm (except for holidays) “Double bind” is an… More

Floris Schönfeld: “A Brief History of the Damagomi Group”

Rupert would like to invite you to a screening of Floris Schönfeld’s “A Brief History of the Damagomi Group” with an introduction by David Kasprzak. The screening will take place this Tuesday, 8 December… More

Florian Cramer: “Collective-Individual Depressions: Postmedieval, Postcommunist, Postcapitalist, Postdigital”

Rupert invites you to a talk by Florian Cramer on collective–individual depressions: postmedieval, postcommunist, postcapitalist, postdigital. The talk will take place on the 10th of December at the CAC Reading Room at 5.00 pm…. More

“Double Bind” opening in Pabradė

“Double Bind”, 26 November, 2015 — 10 December, 2015 Opening times: Monday — Friday, 10am – 5pm, Saturday 10am – 3pm Photostudio “Pas Vladą”, pašto str. , 1st floor, Pabradė  “Double bind” is an exhibition of new… More

“Double Bind”, Vilnius

Rupert (Vilnius) together with the Academy of Fine Art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and The Living Art Museum (Iceland) present Double Bind, a travelling exhibition of new commissions that aims to restore a sense of political agency to private… More

Nina Power: Social reproduction, art, labour, emotion

Rupert invites you to a talk by Nina Power on social reproduction, art, labour and emotion. The talk will take place on Friday 13 November 2015 at Malūnų st. 3 (VDA – C1, ground floor) at… More

Julie Béna

Julie Béna works on environments that draw inspiration from the world of literature, film, theater and popular culture. Béna studied at the Villa Arson in Nice and attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academie at Amsterdam. In… More

Residency Selections: January – June 2016

We are thrilled to announce the results of the latest Residency Open Call. Final Selections were made by Maya Tounta, Rupert curator and Lina Lapelytė, artist. Joining us in January – June 2016: Julie Béna works… More

Accelerate@CERN Lithuania 2015/2016: Open Call (deadline extended)

Accelerate@CERN Lithuania is the first opportunity for a Lithuanian artist to carry out artistic research in the field of visual arts inspired by the world of particle physics in intense dialog with the scientists… More

“Double Bind” opening night and performances

“Double Bind” 15 October, 2015 — 11 November, 2015 Opening times: Wednesday — Friday, 1 pm – 7 pm, Saturday 12 – 6 pm Rupert would like to invite you to the opening of… More

Eating the longest word in the Greek language, Brud, Totál and Rupert

In the summer of 2015, Brud (Warsaw, Poland), Totál (Athens, Greece) and Rupert hosted a residency in the island of Kea, Greece inviting artists, writers and curators from Lithuania, Poland, Italy and the UK… More

“Who is Nathan?”—Phanos Kyriacou

Rupert is happy to present “Who is Nathan?”, a solo presentation by Phanos Kyriacou, bringing together works produced in Rupert during residency, and older works that the artist brought with him from Cyprus. Four clay and three terracotta… More

Open Call (Winter—Spring, 2016)

Rupert’s Residency Program is suited for local and international thinkers: artists, writers, curators, cultural managers, and academics, providing them with the opportunity to live and work in Vilnius while developing individual projects and immersing… More

Chris Sharp: Adventures with Lulu

Writer and independent curator Chris Sharp will present and discuss Lulu, the independent project space he started with the Mexican artist Martin Soto Climent in Mexico City in 2013, and how it relates to… More

Augustas Serapinas at Pabradės vaikų globos namai

Rupert together with Oslo Academy of Arts (Norway) and the Living Art Museum (Iceland) present an ongoing collaboration: a travelling exhibition, a lecture series, a publication and a series of workshops about thinking politically… More

Laure Prouvost: Burrow Me

Rupert is delighted to present “Burrow Me”, Laure Prouvost’s first solo presentation in the Nordic-Baltic region. In her work, Prouvost constructs immersive environments in which sculptures, videos and installations become central ploys in the… More

Emalin presents: Ali Eisa—They had to do it by their hands

Emalin are excited to announce They had to do it by their hands, an exhibition of new work by London-based artist Ali Eisa produced during his time as artist-in-residence at Rupert, centre for Art and… More

The Politics and Practice of Just Making Things

Presentation of works and roundtable discussion with: Augustas Serapinas Elena Narbutaite Viktorija Rybakova Vytenis Burokas Ali Eisa (Chair) Shama Khanna (Live Respondent) This event will bring together a group of contemporary artists who will… More

End of the Year Presentations

You are kindly invited to Rupert’s Educational Program End of the Year Presentations which will take place this Saturday in Rupert at 1.30 pm. Participants Julijus Balčikonis (LT), Jamie Kane (UK), Ieva Kraule (LV), Kristina… More

Rupert at Warsaw Bauhaus: Visiting Poland in the 60s

During our last trip to Warsaw, our annual Alternative Education Program end of the year trip, we were introduced to Warsaw Bauhaus, a local organism cultivating progressive alternatives to the art world, involving all disciplines. It… More

An Appetite for Violence & Open Studios

Come watch, listen and taste an abrasive sequence of film clips handpicked by Rupert residents Anna Clawson and Nicole Ward, alongside works presented by Beth Collar and Post Brothers.There is a FREE MINIBUS TO… More

Residency Selections: July – December 2015

We are pleased to announce the selection of the following group of applicants to take part in the Rupert Residency Program for the period of July – December 2015. Candidates were selected through an… More

Mixed Media Workshop with Carl Palm & Sebastian Rozenberg

A workshop over two days, materials and stories and all the poetry in between. We’d like the participants that sign up to participate on both days. Participant confirmation latest on the 7th of April here. Schedule: Day One… More

CAC AT CAC. CA Conrad’s poetry readings and (Soma)tic Poetics Workshop

Readings: Tuesday 10 March at the CAC Reading Room, 6 pm. Workshop: Wednesday 11 March at the CAC Reading Room, 2 pm. Events will be held in English. Admission is free. RSVP required for the workshop at I Feel… More

Can you tell me, your Honor, where behind a lamp-post is?

In their collaboration Sanna Marander and Niklas Tafra often work with the exhibition as a medium, with the poetic potential of its limited capacities of reproducing processes. Here, text that frame art become central… More

The Asshole as the Origin of the World & Other Stories

Hark! The horrible angels sing, Glory hole for those who ring, The Wolfman commeth! So grab your things, So hence the hysterical men will scream: “Oh animal! Oh brute! Oh savagery! How can our… More

The Living, The Legend, The Lipgloss, The Light

Rupert and Department of Postgraduate studies, Vilnius Academy of Arts are pleased to invite you to a two-day seminar with Mårten Spångberg. The seminar will take place in Malūnų st. 3 (VDA – C1, ground floor).  In… More

Reading Exercises: a Performative Reading by Eleanor Vonne Brown

The exercises by Eleanor Vonne Brown, currently in residence at Rupert, will take place as part of a meeting with two unique art publishers and distributors, “Lugemik” of Tallinn and “X Marks the Bökship” of London. The event will take place on… More

Open Call (July—December, 2015)

Rupert’s Residency Program is suited for local and international thinkers: artists, writers, curators, cultural managers, and academics, providing them with the opportunity to live and work in Vilnius while developing individual projects and immersing… More

Corollaries by Jason Hendrik Hansma

Corollaries will be a performative reading at the CAC Vilnius collaging three short texts written from 2012-2015 by artist Jason Hendrik Hansma. They explore the complexities of time, history, memory and our attempts to… More

BCC: Curators Go to The Bar 90+ Resident Selections

BCC: Curators Go to The Bar 90+ are happy to announce Eltons Kūns (LV) and Eoghan Ryan (IE) have been selected to take part in a one-moth residency at Rupert in March 2015. More… More

‘Attention Economy’ and the Art World Today: Nicolaus Schafhausen and Lolita Jablonskienė in Conversation

Rupert together with Goethe Institute in Lithuania invite Lolita Jablonskienė, Chief Curator of the National Gallery of Art, Lithuania and Nicolaus Schafhausen, Director of Kunsthalle Wien, Austria for a public discussion. Departing from Attention Economy, a… More

Open Call BCC: Curators Go to The Bar 90+

The open call for the month of March 2015 at Rupert is intended for BCC:Curators Go to The Bar 90+ event, curated by Blind Carbon Copy scheduled to take place in Vilnius late March featuring Rózsa Zita Farkas… More

Mini Film Program “Sun”

Mini film program “Saulė” (“Sun”) is composed of films suited to the big screen, yet equally legible as video recordings in various forms. We feel it is important to have a chance to see lives, nature… More

Circus Engelbregt: Mind Your Head

The event will take place at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lecture Hall 112 (Maironio St. 3, New building) at 6 pm. Sometimes it seems as if society is stuck in a rut. People have… More

Mirosław Bałka and Kasia Redzisz: “Otwock”

Rupert and the Polish Institute in Vilnius welcome you to a an event featuring artist Mirosław Bałka and curator Kasia Redzisz who will speak about their work with “Otwock”, a project exploring relations between art, place… More

Laure Prouvost: Towards Burrow Me

Rupert would like to invite you all to an evening of films, stories and conversations with artist Laure Prouvost. The night will serve as an introduction to Prouvost’s upcoming solo show at Rupert which… More

Mediated Monologues with Isla Leaver-Yap

Mediated Monologues is a one-sided conversation with writers living, dead and automated. The event will take place at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lecture Hall 112 (Maironio St. 3, New building) at 5 pm Isla… More


For the opening event of the 3rd edition of our Educational program we hosted an anti-bizutage event playing on hazing tropes and mimicking the multifarious processes of initiation that hazing as a term has… More

Trip to Plungė with Antanas Gerlikas and Juozas Laivys

Rupert’s Educational Program participants, joined by two of our current residents (Matthew Rana and Matthew Shannon), took their first field trip of the year to Žemaitija region in the northwest of Lithuania. The itinerary… More

Ashes of Roses and the Smell of Birch

Opening event: 6 November 2014, 7pm up until the Waking Hour The exhibition Ashes of Roses and the Smell of Birch starts on the 6th of November 2014 with a gallery-sleepover/bar/reading&writing session lasting up… More

Residents Announced for January-June, 2015

Dear All, I would like to welcome our new set of residents for the period of January-June 2015 selected through our Open Call by a jury consisting of artist and Vilnius Academy of Arts… More

Rupert at Komplot: Apples in a State of Tax Levy

Vytenis Burokas, Justė Jonutytė, Tim Kliukoit, Augustas Serapinas and Maya Tounta During the last few months, Vilnius-based artists Augustas Serapinas, Vytenis Burokas and Tim Kliukoit, improvised a fruit press and a grinder. For their… More